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Welcome to our website!

We designed this to be a space for anyone with a mental health condition. Especially if it’s not a very sexy one. 

In all seriousness, there are mental health conditions out there that we all know that people would like to pretend don’t exist. And we know, because we have them. We know what it feels like to be stigmatised, discriminated against and misunderstood, whether people intend to do it or not. Either way, it feels pretty rubbish. And if we feel rubbish, we bet you do too.

When we received our diagnoses, we felt alone, overwhelmed and apprehensive about the future. The internet provided either a wealth of incomprehensible scientific information about our conditions, or was a stick to beat us with (hello, internet forums and armchair psychologists!). We quickly realised that if your mental health condition couldn’t be wrapped up in a bow and made to look pretty, it was simply hidden away like an unwanted gift. The mental health campaigns shouted at us to “Speak up!” from giant billboards and glossy magazine advertisements. But when we did, nobody wanted to listen. Especially when we told stories that didn’t have a happy ending, or were a bit gross, or made us look bad, or called people out on their s****y behaviour towards us. Particularly that last one. That really makes people not want to listen to us, oddly. 

So that’s why we created 'Sorry My Mental Illness Isn’t Sexy Enough For You'. Yes, we know it’s a bit of a mouthful – it’s meant to be. Mental health isn’t something that is easy to talk about. It’s awkward and inconvenient and not a polite topic of conversation at the dinner table. Yet we all deserve to have a voice to tell our own truths and realities of mental health. We know that some of you don’t like labels, which is why we designed this site so that you can browse by condition or life experiences. Your label doesn’t have to define you. Hence our slogan: 'Lives Not Labels'.

And you are welcome here- at our dinner table- no matter what your label may be. And you can talk about your mental health all you damn well please.